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Air Filter Grade HEPA & Pre Filter

HEPA Filter

We are leading Manufacturer of HEPA Filter.

Product Details:

To furnish the exact needs of our customers in the best possible manner, we are engaged in bringing forth an exquisitely designed plethora of HEPA Filter.

Product Details:

  1. Robust construction
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Require low maintenance
  4. Fine built
  5. High strength
  6. Long lasting

SRR HVAC Project Services provides HEPA filters with multiple choice of design and dimensions to remove particles down to 0.3 micron from air/gas streams with efficiency exceeding 99.97%. The filter media comprises specially treated glass fibre of high quality cellulose & cellulose-glass fibre with varying degree of dust extraction. Machine-pleated aluminium separators are housed in an aluminium frame provided with double turned flanges and non-shedding gaskets on both faces of filter casing. This guarantees secure sealing between filter and mounting frame.

Mini Plate HEPA Filter

We are a credible market choice engrossed in the business of offering to our customers a world class variety of Mini Plate HEPA Filter.

Product Details:

  1. Top performance
  2. Longer working life
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Flush surfaces everywhere
  5. Fine built
  6. Seamless finish
  7. Accurate dimensions

We offer Mini Pleat HEPA Filters which are recommended for our impeccable standards. These filters are specially designed to ensure filtration of particulate down to 0.3 micron from gas/air stream exceeding 99.99% efficiency. The frame is assembled with filter paper whose surface area is compact, which prevents leakage of unfiltered air. These filters are best suited in filtration applications for the medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotechnology and semiconductor industries.

Air Filter Grade HEPA and Pre Filter

With a motive to stand high on all the expectations of our customers, we are instrumental in offering a wide range of Air Filter Grade HEPA and Pre Filter.

Product Details:

  1. High performance
  2. Rugged
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Smooth finish
  5. Corrosion resistant
  6. Precisely designed

Filtration is an important aspect of clean rooms. Clean rooms require very high-efficiency filters and for class 100 and below, 100% HEPA filter coverage is recommended. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance) filtration is 40% more efficient then the highest efficiency rated ASHRAE filter.

Clean room air filtration technology centers around two types:

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) : HEPA filters are replaceable extended media dry-type having a minimum particle collective efficiency of 99.97 to 99.997% for a 0.3 micron particle and a maximum clean filter pressure drop of 2.54 cm (1”) water gauge when tested at rated airflow capacity 0.3 micron s 1/75,000 of an inch or 1/300, the diameter of the human hair

Ultra low penetration air (ULPA) : Most ULPA filters are replaceable extended media dry filters that have a minimum particle collection efficiency of 99.999% efficient for particles greater than or equal to 0.12-micron in size