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SRR HVAC Project Services is proud to introduce as HVAC complete solution for better and clean environment in working and production area. our ambition is for pharmaceuticals, electronics, hospitals and plastics industries company to become a leading force in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and clean room equipment of high quality and that to meet standards of clean room technology.

We undertake the turnkey projects including hvac, wall partition, ceiling, flushed doors, view panels , flushed type light fixtures, laf, ect as per schedulem, gmp and who requirement.

AHU and Ventilation system for clean room :

Effective ,energy – efficient heating, ventilating air conditioning equipment properly applied is an essential part of today ‘s demand for minimum system operating costs. applying innovative techniques and ideas in an ever- changing industry, one of our major strengths is our capability and confidence to provide value-added services- product installation and warranties, site testing and commissioning , to handle any project,regardless of size or complexity, from inception, through budgeting, to the design manufacturing and startup. our clean room products are designed according to client’s specific requirements with a commitment to offer controlled air any where controlled air any where according to client’s specific requirements with a commitment to offer clients the utmost in service and quality , with an end product that is both cost – effective, efficient and energy saving. We would like to meet you for detail discussion and your requirements so we can suggest you the best system suitable for your plant. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and we want to have long-term relationships with customers in which trust and understanding and mutual. Thanking you and assuring you our best services all times.


Our mission is to provide quality design, installation and service for HVAC, Pass Box, Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in both residential and light commercial markets.


We are the most trusted brand in HVAC – providing integrated heating and cooling solutions, differentiated through innovation.



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